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Januari 20, 2014Posted by Mr_Cox

Dear visitor,

At the moment we are making progress to come back with a new webstore for Cox related products. There will be a separate store for vintage collectables and a store for new Cox merchandise. To make sure our website will be updated regular and orders shipped fast, I approached a friend and fellow Cox enthusiast to support me.

We will continue the website under a new name, but we keep coxengines.eu as a sub domain so there is no need to change your favourites bookmark! Currently we are rebuilding our office and stockroom.

We keep you informed!

Best regards,


March 23, 2013Posted by Mr_Cox

Dear visitor,

In recent months I had a hard time to process all orders within an reasonable time. This is because I have this hobby besides my normal daytime job. With the recent purchase of a house which has to be completely renovated, I do not have enough spare time left to handle orders. Therefore I, unfortunately, have to decide that I temporarily close the "for sale" pages of my website. I expect that I can take orders again at the end of this year and will come back with a new designed "for sale" page with a wider range of items. Off course, All current orders will be completed with great care. It is also possible to contact me with questions and requests. Thank you for your understanding.


Bastiaan Bekendam

August 31, 2012Posted by Mr_Cox

I just received the last shipment of OEM engines and most of the control line airplanes. This means that when a OEM engine or C/L airplane will get the state "out of stock" it will not get back in stock. Off course the engines assembled in Canada will remain available.

February 07, 2012Posted by Mr_Cox

This week I received some new Cox engines. The .020 Pee Wee and .049 Tee Dee engines are back in stock. However this will be the last time that I will receive a shipment of Tee Dee engines. When the .049 and .09 Tee Dee engines get the rank "out of stock", they unfortunately stay Sold out. So if you are looking for one of those engines, don't wait too long with ordering one. Keep in mind that those engines are all new, and stored in a warehouse since they were produced. Most of them did not see daylight after production in the Cox factory in the 80's and 90's.

Also some new parts have arrived, like propellers, glow plugs and tools. Those will be listed in the next week and are all original cox and in OEM package. Later this month I will get some more original and new produced Cox parts. If you are looking for something in particular, send me an e-mail.

November 30, 2011Posted by Mr_Cox


This is Cox engines europe, a website about engines, airplanes, parts and all more created by Cox hobbies inc, founded by Roy Cox in 1945. In the following months I will update this site about my collection. First I will focus me on the for sale page, which will contain all the Cox items I have for sale at the moment.

Thank you for visiting us!

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